Turbo Block

We have a number of speciality courses that will run in four week intervals. This may be to hone in on a specific area of pole dancing like handsprings and shouldermounts or to do a choreography block where you get to learn and perfect the same routine for four weeks.

Not all 4 week blocks may run each term, please check the timetable to see what ones are currently running. If there is a 4 week block you would really like to see on the timetable please contact reception.


H66 Nemesis Tricks

Do you have a trick or two that you are struggling to stick? If yes then this class is for you. The instructor will work with you over the four weeks to help you beat your nemesis trick

H66 Double Trouble

What is better than pole class? Pole class with a buddy. Come along and learn the art of doubles pole. Including doubles spins and fly and base moves. You don’t need a buddy to sign up to class.

H66 Tech

Are you struggling to nail your handsprings and shouldermounts or have you now got them and you want to master them? Then this class is for you. Over the four weeks watch as your skills with these moves go from strength to strength. 

H66 Flexi

Each class will focus on one or two flexi moves. Just like strength, flex is something earned and often is slow to come. This class will start with a good warmup and stretch before really focusing on flexi tricks. As long as you can invert you can come to flexi tricks.

Classes can be separated by flexibility type, please check timetable.

Flips and Drops

Wanting to flip your way around a pole or Drop down the pole then this course is for you. You will start with the basics and then as you gain confidence and experience the moves will get harder. Recommended for intermediate and above.

Lyrical Pole

Slow down and find your movement in our lyrical pole turbo course. Over the course you will learn a routine incorporating dance on and off the pole. This course is less about the tricks and all about the movement to music. Express yourself through the song and enjoy the benefits of a cardio workout as you go.


Put on your favourite heels and a pair of knee pads, let your hair down and come along and learn a routine that won’t just make you feel sexy but give you a fantastic work out. Think hair flick, body rolls and a lot of sliding around the base of the pole and the floor. Over the four weeks you will master a routine that you will be proud to show off.
Courses available in Beginner and open level.

Intro to Chest stands

Ever dream of touching your head with your butt? Then come along and work a number of strengthening exercises and drills with our very own gymnastics coach every Monday at 8pm! This class is open to all levels of flexibility, exercises will be scaled according to your ability.