8 Week Block

H66 Beginner

We all have to start somewhere and H66 Beginner is the best place to start.  In this course you will learn the fundamentals of pole dancing – the basic spins, how to climb and sit on the pole. Once you have a hold on these you will start learning to join moves together, learning to invert and other cool tricks.

H66 Intermediate

Here you will refine your skills learnt in beginners, learn new tricks and really start to build the strength, flexibility and foundations required for the advanced tricks, you will learn combos that will link a number of spins and aerial tricks together. Must be comfortable in executing inside and outside leg hangs, the reverse grab and layback.

H66 Pre-Advanced

Now you have the intermediate moves perfected, we will take your tricks to a new level of pole. Here you will start to learn moves that will build your strength,  flexibility and confidence to start morning into the  more advanced tricks. Here you will start to learn and perfect the illusive handsprings – every pole dancers goal. 


H66 Advanced

In the advanced course you will learn to connect 3-4 aerial tricks into flawless combos, start working on your high level tricks such as the Russian split, twisted grip flags and some death-defying drops. Must be comfortable in executing the Aysha, Jade Splits and the Circus Climb.

H66 Elite

So you think you can deadlift? This class is for top level pole dancers, where you can test your skills learn a range of dynamic, strength and flexibility tricks. Everything you’ve seen top Australian pole dancers do, you can learn in this class! Fonjis, flips and all kind of splits, but also a lot of tricks that don’t even have a name yet! This class isn’t for the faint hearted and you must have considerable pole dancing experience.